Jul 18, 2013

Chester Predicted He'd Be STP Frontman

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According to DeLeo, things were put into motion when he saw Bennington on television, wearing a Stone Temple Pilots t-shirt. "I was on a European tour, in my room, late at night. I turn on the TV and there's Linkin Park doing this massive festival, and Chester's hitting it with a Stone Temple Pilots shirt on. It put a smile on my face, it brought me back to home, and I could feel my heart again."
"When the time came to think about a singer we reached out to him."
As DeLeo notes, it was during the recording of the first STP song with Bennington that the singer told the guitarist that he had premonitions about being in the band a number of years ago:
"When I was dating my wife, about eight, nine years ago, I said: 'One day, they're going to call me to be in the band.'"
But even though he's said similar things to the press, it was all a surprise to the guitarist, who wasn't sure whether Bennington would say yes. "I didn't know," he admits.
In a separate interview Bennington revealed that the only condition of his joining Stone Temple Pilots is Linkin Park's being a top priority for him. In a case of two band's interests collision Chester will choose his main band. This condition was willingly accepted by DeLeos and drummer Eric Kretz.
STP are now working on a new EP. The band say they've completed four songs so far.
Images by Freepik