Feb 14, 2013

Anna's Chat Summary - 2/14/2013

Here is  my own summary of the chat earlier...Remember the book chat is tomorrow at 1:30PM at @ tinychat.

When asked what she thought of 50 Shades of Grey, she said, "I think almost all books have an audience." 

Her favorite childhood story was Alice in Wonderland and she loves the Harry Potter books.

She loves to listen to Linkin Park songs, especially when Mike is on tour. She doesn't travel as much with Mike now that they have a family.

She said that you can buy her book in the US, April 2013. As for other countries, she will give her editor website info (like the hits from different countries) to help figure out how to market it.

She loves music from the 40's like Anita O'day, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. She also like modern music, Rap and Classical, but doesn't listen to much Country.

Other than LA her favorite city (in the US) is New York. But she also loves Park City, Utah. She likes to ski, snowboard and hike in Park City.

She thinks Tim Burton is awesome and Helena Bonham Carter is amazing. She likes dark comedies like Harold and Maude and Jeff Lives at Home. She doesn't like Horror movies but she does like Thrillers.

She doesn't watch a lot of TV but Six Feet Under is her favorite series ever. She does not like The Walking Dead.

Favorite writer is Neil Gaiman, Jerry Spinelli or Nancy Farmer.

She said that 3D printers uses a plastic filament. Mike printed a head, a frog and a bracelet. He's now working on a robot.

She loves animals and has had a snake, skink, tree frogs and lizards. As a kid she caught a lot of animals in the backyard and 

brought them in (but not the snake).

There are lots of books she wants to read but hasn't yet. She like non-fictional books if they still tell a story. On her Goodreads page you can find some books she recommends. Right now she recommends The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer.

She likes basketball and rugby. Since she's a Lakers fan, her favorite basketball players are Kobe and Shannon Brown. She thinks it's sad that the Lakers are sucking this year...

She likes to cook and bake; probably better at cooking than baking but makes really good cookies. She also said Mike is an excellent cook. He usually cooks on weekends and she cooks on weekdays.

Her dream job as a kid was writing, but she was convinced it wasn't a real job so she ended up doing PR out of college. She hated it though so she went back to writing and is very happy.

She's very excited about the book club and says that you can come even if you haven't read the book, but know that there will be spoilers discussed. She hopes to have book club chats once a month or so. She will be tweeting her selection for the next book club. It may be a newer book or another older one. She is still deciding.

She used to run cross country and track.

She prefers twitter for short thoughts and her blog for longer ones.

She thinks popcorn is "super tasty".

She loves taking pictures.

She likes the Broadway version of Les Miserables better than the movie and likes the book better than both.

Current bands she likes are: The XX, Mumford and Sons, Fun, Passion Pit and Macklemore.

She has a Spotify account but not under her real name...

She would consider a book of short stories.

The first time she went to an awards ceremony with Mike she was very nervous, excited and overwhelmed.

She and Mike met 15 years ago at a friends apartment. They got married in 2003.

She has brothers, sisters and lots of nieces and nephews.

She loves art...

Dream vacation:  a mix of relaxing and doing lots of physical activity. She loves seeing places through hiking, biking, paddle boarding and kayaking. Mike loves adventure type stuff also.

She loves Tokyo and Kyoto and will visit as often as she can.

She studied communications at Long Beach State. Her parents did not support her so she paid for her education by working and having student loans.

Her favorite flowers are Lilacs.

Fate led her to a Brussels Griffon (Jasper) but her dream dog would be to have Athena (a boxer) back because she was incredible.

The most exciting thing she saw in South Africa were the animals.

She visited South America once years ago.

She's always working with Music For Relief.

"I am a believer in dreams. I think hard work gets you to your dreams.But I'm also a realist."

"It was my dream to become a writer. I used to spend my summers in the tree outside my house reading books and filling up

notebooks with my own stories."

"The story I published in the 4th grade was about a crystal cat that went missing and my main character was a detective. The Young

Authors program bound a few copies so it was published for me and my parents."

"My favorite way to learn history is to visit the actual site. Nothing like learning about the history of Rome while standing in


"Talinda is one of my best friends. She has one of the biggest hearts."

"Real life inspires me for books."

"I'm very proud of Mike. Mostly because he always keeps his integrity and compassion"

"If I could change one thing in the world, I think it would be to give people the ability to understand each other. I think we'd

have less conflict if we knew that we are all really complex people."

"I'm not going to talk about my kids. I want them to have the ability to decide when they are adults what info they'd like to

share about themselves."

"LP members and their families are some of my best friends. They are all quality people."

"Thank you adiek84 and the fans that are making MFR Day happen. THIS IS AWESOME!"

"Mike's fans are for the most part awesome."

"I have actually asked Mike to wait to follow me on twitter. I didn't want to get overwhelmed with getting a ton of followers at once."

"Mike actually inspired me most to become a writer. I would come home crying from work and he said, 'Please stop working in PR.' So I went back to school and took some classes: interior design, landscape architecture and writing. The writing classes excited me and I knew that was what would make me happy."

"My garden is doing great. We are eating some amazing salads around here right now. It's crazy how good lettuce can taste."

"Peer editing is tough, but there is a lot to learn from the feedback people can give."

"I am not talented in creating songs. I played piano and clarinet in Elementary and Middle School but I wasn't very good at either."

"I love the snow. I grew up where it snowed in the winter - nothing like going back to bed when there is a snow day!"

"I was in High School in the early 90's, so of course I know who Nirvana is."

"I can be pretty shy."

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