Oct 26, 2010

Joe's new girlfriend - Heidi Woan

Ok, so here are a couple of informations. Joe Hahn's probably new girlfriend is Heidi Woan.
She is working for Mobi Munch according to this site. She might be 25 years old.
She studies at University of Southern California and Columbia University in NYC. Her subjects were: BA , Art History and Minor Management Consulting + Art History (NYC).
She is interested in: ballet, books, brilliance, business stuff, cabernet sauvignon, camping, charm, cherries, clean floors, comfy beds, computering, cornbread, dancing, debates, depth, designing, discussions, doodling, drafting paper, ducatis, dwr furnishings, fishing, footbal, futbol, gasoline, goat cheese, good smells, good wine, great eats, green tea, hiking, humour, integrity, interior designs, interneting, japanese pancakes, kawasaki ninjas, laptops, lotions, mechanical pencils, med-rare ny steak, nuromien, papaya, people watching, pineapples, pinot noir, porsche gt3, pumpkin pie, rafting, river dancing, rock climbing, salami, smart car, smies, socializing, sportbikes, sunglasses, sweet potato soup, technology, tennis, travel, urban art, watermelon, wit, yamaha r6's and r1's.
She was Miss Chinatown USA in 2007. Check it here. Also in 2004 she won competition as a Queen of Miss LA Chinatown. Here.
Heidi attended with Joe several parties, opening etc...

Thanks To Denise for all the informations!
Images by Freepik