Mar 30, 2005

Samantha Bennington

Birthday: December 1st
Sign: Sagittarius
Ht: 5' 2
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Shoe: 6 1/2
Dress: 1 or 2
Hometown: Born in Detroit, Pacific Palisades & Palos Verdes
Nationality: Greek & Italian
Occupation: Full time mom, once part owner of Club Tattoo, founder of Rhythm Kittens, Life Coach, Real Estate, Meditation Tapes and Singer on DJ Kyle Hendrix's new cd.


Mexican, Italian, & Sushi
TV Shows: Sopranos
Movies: Scarface, Outsiders, & The Notebook (She likes mafia, vampire and comedy movies but hates horror)
Music: Nikka Costa, Outkast, & The Killers
Clothes: Lisa Michelle & True Religion
Hobbies: Dancing, Traveling, Shopping, & Men
Books: Anne Rice books. She has collected them since she was 13.
Quotes: "Anything worth having takes effort" and "Who do I trust? Me!"
Food: Italian and Mexican.


She has 4 tatoos. 2 Wild Orchids (her favorite flower), all her tattoos have meaning. Hip tattoo: Lotus/new life . Fire/sagitarious. Cherry blossoms/name Cherri. Bows/burlesque

Samantha was adopted at birth so her biological maiden name is Cherri Norma Loukas and her adopted maiden name is Samantha Olit.

She met Chester at a venue with many bands playing, she'd never heard of Grey Daze before that day.

Samantha and Chester got married on October 31, 1996.

When Chester married Samantha they didn't have enough money for wedding rings - so a friend tattooed their fingers for free. By the time Chester was in his early 20's, he and Samantha owned two homes in Arizona and were working at a local real estate market.

Chester and Samantha rented the house that was on MTV Cribs. They couldn't afford to buy it at the time.

Chester had a lip ring - but he removed it at Samantha's request - while they were retaking their wedding vows in Hawaii.

Samantha and Chester have one son, Draven Sebastian , born on April 19, 2002.

She has two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Buddy and an all black German Shepherd named Akasha.

Samantha filed for a divorce from Chester in early 2005. Read the article here.

Samantha started a group of female dancers called the Rythm Kittens in 2005 but decided not to launch in Vegas so that Draven could stay close to his family.

One of her favorite Linkin Park songs is "Papercut".

She never wanted to sing but did it when asked because she wants to live saying she's tried everything.

She kept the last name of Bennington so she can have the same last name as her son (Draven).

Speaks some Spanish but not much.

She has brothers and sisters.

Has naturally wavy hair and Olive skin.

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