Jan 8, 2015

New Year, New Look

Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I've put up a new layout to freshen things up a little bit. I still have to make a new header image though, so the text header above is only temporary.

Wishing everyone an awesome 2015!


New Years Pictures From the Shinoda's

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Learning Not to Drown is Coming to Germany

Anna let everyone on her instagram know that "Learning Not to Drown" will be released in Germany called "Die Mitte Von Allem" (translates into "The Center of Everything) on January 20th.

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`You can order it on Amazon here. Thanks crazygirl!

Dec 23, 2014

Mike and Anna's Christmas photos

Anna posted a photo of her sweater (and antlers) on instagram and Mike posted a photo of their tree. Check them both out below!


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Home for the holidays.

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Thanks Crazygirl! I'll be off for my Christmas time now. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Hope you get to make great memories with your family and friends. :)

Dec 10, 2014

Anna's Allison's Song Foundation sweatshirt

Nov 26, 2014

Signed "Learning Not to Drown" Poster and Book

Mike has painted what he imagined Clare from "Learning Not to Drown" looked like and you can buy a signed (by Mike) print of it along with Anna's book (signed by her).

This limited edition package includes a hardcover copy of Learning Not to Drown signed by Anna Shinoda and an exclusive 18” x 24” fine art matte poster illustrated and signed by Mike Shinoda.  Only 50 available. 

Nov 11, 2014

Anna in Amsterdam

Jim Digby posted a picture of Anna on her birthday last week.

Thanks for the tip, crazygirl!

Nov 3, 2014

Oct 23, 2014

Anna Featured on SCBWI

Anna is featured in this months SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators ) bulletin. You can read it here!

Thanks crazygirl!
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