Mar 24, 2015

Anna Celebrates Under the Painted Sky and Writes

Mar 22, 2015

Weekly Roundup 3/22/15

  • In the past week both Joe and Chester celebrated birthdays! It looks like Joe is in the lead on the MFR birthday challenge by $10!!

  • Anna had pink eye earlier this week. :( But thanks to tea, looks like she's feeling better.

  • Linkin Park are nominated twice for the Rock 100 by Kerrang! Vote for The Final Masquerade or In the End as your favorite track in the world at

  • Joe's movie "MALL" is now streaming on Netflix!

  • Elka went hiking with her mom and had a great time. :) Makes me look forward to nice weather myself.
  • Chester did an interview with Altwire where he talked about his ankle, Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots. Read it here!
  • And last but definitely not least, the new LPTV shows when Chester broke his ankle and how hard it was on him having to cancel the rest of the tour.

Under a Painted Sky Launch Pictures

Anna attended the launch of author Stacey Lee's "Under a Painted Sky". Here are some photos found on twitter and instagram:

At the launch party for Under A Painted Sky by Stacey Lee. #mustachetag #HiddenInPlainSight

A photo posted by Anna Shinoda (@annashinoda) on

Mar 18, 2015

Joe Hahn's Instagrams Heidi and Lots of Food

Joe posted a bunch of photos recently. Some of Heidi and a lot of really delicious looking food while in Japan.

Putting on the green

A photo posted by Joe Hahn (@mrjoehahn) on

Red bean pancake thing.

A photo posted by Joe Hahn (@mrjoehahn) on

Sayonara. Arigato kojimas, Tokyo!

A photo posted by Joe Hahn (@mrjoehahn) on

Waiting for the Sakura #KoreanDrama

A photo posted by Joe Hahn (@mrjoehahn) on

Waited long enough. Sakura season.

A photo posted by Joe Hahn (@mrjoehahn) on

Mar 14, 2015

Weekly Roundup 3/14/15

  • Anna got her German edition of Learning Not to Drown:

A photo posted by Anna Shinoda (@annashinoda) on

  • Check out Chester's interview with AltWire! It's his first interview since he broke his ankle. He even clears up the rumors about how it happened. Read it here.

  • Mike tweeted something pretty hilarious about Anna:

Mar 10, 2015

Anna at Hello Kitty Exhibit

Anna visited the Hello Kitty exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles on International Women's Day and she posted some pictures on instagram

Hello Kitty exhibit @jamuseum #InternationalWomansDay #GirlNotACat

A photo posted by Anna Shinoda (@annashinoda) on

Some favorites from @Jamuseum Hello Kitty exhibit

A photo posted by Anna Shinoda (@annashinoda) on

Thanks crazygirl! :)

Mar 8, 2015

Weekly Roundup 3/8/13

  • Chester is featured in Kerrang! as one of the 50 greatest rockstars in the world. You can get more info and see the blurb about him at Chestington

  • Music For Relief's LA Marathon is coming up and if you donate $25 or more to a runner’s campaign, you have a chance to win VIP weekend passes to Rock in Rio USA music festival, in Las Vegas, May 2015. Read more here!

Mar 1, 2015

Weekly Roundup 3/1/15

  • First up we have a picture of Jasper listening to some music. New music.

  • A photo posted by Anna Shinoda (@annashinoda) on

  • Samantha posted a blog about how grief is different for everyone. Read it here.

  • A new Club Tattoo location opened today in Las Vegas.

  • Joe and Chester are doing a Music For Relief birthday challenge. The loser of the challenge gets a cake in the face!

  • Steve Aoki premiered his new song featuring Linkin Park last night. It's called "Horizons" and you can listen to it here.

  • I forgot to mention this last week, but is back. I'm sure that some of you remember this Chester fansite from before. Be sure to stop by!

Feb 20, 2015

Weekly Roundup 2/20/15

Hey everyone! I'm going to try and do a post like this each week with news and/or small updates. That way you can still keep up with what's going on but I wont have to post so many separate posts without much content. Happy weekend!

  • Samantha has posted a new blog on Read it here! She also posted some pictures on instagram (including some of Draven's new haircut).

  • There are some interesting speculations about Fort Minor going on right now. Check out twitter and MSC for more info...

Feb 12, 2015

Mike and Anna at the Warner Music Group Grammy Party

Mike and Anna were at the Warner Music Group Grammy Celebration on Saturday. Here are two photos that give you a good look at Anna's new haircut. Thanks Orena for letting me know they attended! Edit: Crazygirl sent in a few more!

New Blog From Samantha

Samantha has posted another blog. This one is titled, "Why Men Feel Empowered by Women Who Are Dependent".

Talinda Twitter Pictures

I've missed Talinda on twitter so I was happy that she posted a few photos recently. If you haven't seen them yet, here they are. :)

And in case you missed it (like I did), she also shared a photo with Bethenny Frankel.

Images by Freepik