Apr 11, 2014

The Blackout Show Online Podcast #3

The Blackout Show Online's 3rd podcast is happening on April 16th and during it they will be talking about Anna, so you should definitely check it out. You can find the more info and add it to your facebook events here.

Fashion By The Book - Learning Not to Drown

I thought this was neat! Fashion By the Book put together an outfit inspired by Learning Not to Drown. You can check out the how much each piece is over at Polyvore.

The Hunting Party - 6/17/14

In case you haven't heard the exciting news, Linkin Park have announced the name and release date of their upcoming album. The album is called The Hunting Party and will be released on June 17th!!! Whoohoo!

Linkin Park Fan Corner is hosting a listening party. Get the details here!

Apr 4, 2014

Learning Not to Drown Launch Party

Looks like there was a private launch party tonight for Anna and her book. Check out some pictures below.

annareadingatlaunch Bka42S2IAAAivxn

Credits: Instagram and Twitter

Freshman Fifteens Interview With Anna

Stacy Lee from Freshman Fifteens interview Anna about Learning Not To Drown. Check it out here!

"When I started working on Learning Not to Drown, I knew I wanted to write about the reality of growing up with a sibling in prison. Addiction, family secrets and betrayal were all an important part of Clare’s story and are issues that many people with incarcerated family members deal with on a daily basis. They all exist together in her story, so I can’t say that one speaks to me more than the others."

You can also enter to win a signed copy at the end of the interview.

Anna With Fans at Book Court Signing


So far this is the only photo I've seen from the Book Court signing last night. Check it out here.

Update: Found more here and here.

Learning Not to Drown Giveaway at Pulseit

Pulseit are giving away 5 signed copies of Learning Not to Drown! Go here to enter.

Learning Not to Drown @ SimonTEEN - Day 4 & 5

SimonTEEN has posted the last two photos from the Learning Not to Drown celebration. You can view all 5 here. The phhotos are by Anna and feature a quote from the book.



Apr 2, 2014

Anna @ Book Court in Brooklyn, NY Tomorrow

Anna will be will be signing and discussing Learning Not to Drown at the Book Court in Brooklyn tomorrow @ 7pm!

Learning Not to Drown @ SimonTEEN - Day 3

Day 3's photo by Anna with a quote is up on SimonTEEN's instagram. Gif is here.


An Account of the Book Soup Signing

Natasha went to the Learning Not to Drown Book Soup signing and you can read about it her blog HERE. It gives you an idea of the event and what some of the questions were.

Learning Not to Drown Release Party

Here are some photos from the party that Lisa Ling hosted for Learning Not to Drown last night.


Credits: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) and Instagram (1, 2)