Jul 8, 2014

Anna's Goodreads Q&A

You can ask Anna questions about Learning Not to Drown on Goodreads here. There are two questions on there so far:

Your book was really great! Will you write an another book ? 

Anna Shinoda: Thank you! I am currently working on another young adult novel. I don't like to rush the creative process, so it may take me a while to complete a draft that I am happy enough with to show my agent. For now, I am slowly working away at it. Don't worry - I promise it won't take me ten years to write this book!

While writing your book did you ever sketch or draw your characters to help visualize or describe them?

Anna Shinoda: I did not. I can draw decently when I have a model to look at, but I'm not that great at sketching things from my imagination.

I had a vivid visual in my mind as to what each of my characters looked like, but since incarceration can affect families regardless of their race or economic status, I wanted to leave room for the readers to fill in some of those details. Of course, some visual clues are necessary.

Sometimes from draft to draft, these visuals need to change. For example: blond hair on Mandy was too stereotypical. When I decided to change it, I realized making her a brunette would be potentially too similar to Clare, so I went with auburn hair. With enough of those types of little tweaks, I was having a hard time remembering what had changed draft to draft. I had to read through the entire novel in order to create a cheat sheet, with the characters' names, descriptions, hobbies, etc. Now when I'm writing I add that information in a notebook as I work.

Jun 23, 2014

Road Trip Pictures

There are a few pictures from Mike's bus ride home posted on Instagram. Here are the ones with Anna in them...
Thanks again crazygirl for getting these together for us. :)

Anna's Warped Tour Photo

Anna posted this picture of Linkin Park with their friends that they performed songs with at Warped Tour yesterday:

Talinda at Warped Tour

Talinda shared some pictures on twitter. The first is of her with Alyssa and Jaime:

And the second one is a photo she took of Chester performing:

Jun 22, 2014

Anna at The Price is Right Set

Anna posted this photo from behind the scenes of The Price is Right set:

Jun 20, 2014

Amazon Music Book Club Interview with Mike

Mike did an interview about books and here are some quotes about Anna and Learning Not to Drown:

" I occasionally will read fiction because my wife Anna is a writer of young adult fiction. She just released her first book, Learning Not To Drown, and she is very discerning when it comes to recommending a book for me. She was the first to turn me on to David Sedaris. She told me about House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, which is about a clone who lives in this future country that exists between the border of America and Mexico and ruled over by an opium king. "

"She let me read it at various points when she felt like she had gotten the book to the next level. I probably read it a dozen times because she’d been writing it over the course of almost 10 years. I read many different versions of it. Just thinking about reading it once a year… a lot happens in that amount of time."

"I should say the other book fans should check out is Learning Not To Drown, my wife’s book."

Thanks for the heads up, crazygirl! ;)

Anna's Q&A During #TheHuntingParty Listening Party

Yesterday during #TheHuntingParty twitter listening party, Anna did a Q&A. Crazgirl got the question and answers together for us and you can read it all below. :)

About The Hunting Party:
1. Mike prepared me that I "might not like listening to" #TheHuntingParty My reaction on 1st listen? Can't wait to hear these songs live.
Q: Why didn't @mikeshinoda think you like listening to #TheHuntingParty?
A: I listen to a lot of old lady music: swing & big band & standards. #TheHuntingParty couldn't be farther from Frank Sinatra.
3. Rebellion is my favorite song on #TheHuntingParty
Q: does mike let you listen to unfinished songs? #TheHuntingParty
A: sometimes,but I like to wait until it's complete
5. Love Mike's vocals at the end of A Line in the Sand. #TheHuntingParty
Q: you think mike is happy with the new album? #TheHuntingParty
A: extremely. He only releases work he is proud of.

About Linkin Park:
Q: are you actually a LP fan? Are you listening to their stuff on a daily basis?  
A: Yes. I honestly love every album
Q: Do you go concerts and tours with group?
A: When I can. I especially like taking pictures of them performing.
Q: If Mike asked you, would you sing in a Linkin Park song?
A: Ummm. No. I'm a writer, not a singer. LOL

About Mike and family:
Q: does mike read your books?
A: Yes
Q: As a writer, have you ver gave @mikeshinoda any tips to work on his lyrics?! #TheHuntingParty
A: lyrics are much different from writing a novel. I wouldn't have much input. Besides he doesn't need any from me. :)
Q: does Mike ever have time to help you come up with ideas for writing?
A: Mike is very helpful & critiques my work when I ask.
Q: Mike is Really so Funny??
A: yes
Q: How you handle your career with your husband's career and your family?
A: We are supportive & respectful of each other.

About Learning Not To Drown:
Q: any chance of a book tour for Learning Not to Drown? It was incredible by the way.
A: Nothing planned as far as a tour for LNTD right now, but if dates come up I'll add them to my website & tweet.
Q: With LNTD, did you write a narcissistic mother, an enabling father and a golden child sibling based on personal experience?
A: I did a lot of research, and tried to represent the ways family members deal with incarceration as best as I could.

About new novel:
Q:do you have any plans for next book?
A: Working on one right now.
Q: I'm a voracious reader &LNTD was a food for my soul. Awesome work. Whats your plan next?
A: Another realistic fiction novel
Q: what can you tell us about the next book?
A: It is starting to finally come together as a book instead of a pile of ideas.

About Book Club:
Q: Anna, will you do more book clubs? I couldn't be at any of them :( But I wish to participate!
A: no plans for a book club right now. Trying to finish my next novel. If I start it up again, I'll send out a tweet!

About books:
Q: Anna what kind of novels you love to read more? :)
A: I read a lot of YA fiction. Favorite authors: Meg Rosoff, Neil Gaiman, Nancy Farmer.
Q: Who is your favorite author?
A: Meg Rosoff & Neil Gaiman.

About writing:
Q: How long did it take you to write the book?
A: It took 10 years. Hopefully this next one won't take so long!
Q: Have you always enjoyed writing?
A: Yes. I used to fill notebooks with stories over the summer when I was bored.
Q: I'm writing a book (first one) do you have any good advice? :)
A: take some writing classes if you can, read as much as you can & read On Writing by Stephen King & Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.
4. I start with an idea that I am passionate about. I daydream, let the characters become real, then start writing their story
Q: where do you find your inspiration to write?
A: Real life. I write about things I am interested in, concerned about.
Q: Recently, i lost my sense of write.I do it but IDK what I'm writting
A: keep writing, even if you don't know where it will lead.
Q: How do you deal with writer's block?
A: I write something that has nothing to do with what I'm working on.
Q: the part I struggle with writing is sticking to one idea and finishing a book. Any advice on sticking to one idea?
A: Put it away for a few weeks, then come back to it with fresh eyes. Also, have other writers critique your work.
Q: do you wanna bring your book into a movie, someday?
A: Yes! If it can be done in a way that preserves the integrity of the story.

About other things:
Q: What do enjoy doing in your free time?
A: not a lot of free time, but I try to fit in reading & hiking when I can
Q: And do you like drawing or painting?
A: I do. I'm not incredibly talented at it, but I find it enjoyable.
Q: What's your the most favourite movie? :)
A: Harold and Maude

Jun 18, 2014

Linkin Park Rock Walk Induction

Linkin Park now have a Rock Walk plaque! Here are some photos from the event...The first few are by Anna. :)

Jun 15, 2014

Chester and Talinda's new Twitter picture

Another picture form the same photoshoot. This one is so sweet.


Anna at Barnes & Noble

I somehow missed when Anna tweeted this photo. :)

Jun 10, 2014

How To Get Learning Not to Drown in Your Country

Anna has set up a form on her website so you can let her publisher know that you want Learning Not to Drown in your country. This is the best way to try and get the book available where you live so head over to her blog and fill out the form. :)

Jun 8, 2014

Chester's New Twitter Photo