Oct 8, 2015

Life Coach Spotlight On Samantha Bennington

Life Coach Spotter put Samantha in the spotlight for an interview on their website. Read an excerpt below and check out the whole interview here!

 How do you help people to reach their goals or find their path/purpose in life?Samantha: Well, we reach their goals/purpose together. First, is awareness or acknowledgement. We need to discover what that “path/purpose” is, then I am there from A-Z. I’m a lil unconventional, I listen as do all coaches do, however,  I really get involved with my clients. I am full of resources & retraining your negative thought patterns are a giant tool for reaching your desired goals. Each person is unique, I find a way that works for them. Again this about the client & not me.

Oct 6, 2015

Draven At His Parkour Test

We are proud parents! Dra taking his test to go to the next level of Parkour! #tempestfreerunning

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Recent Anna Pictures

Crazygirl let me know about some pictures on instagram and twitter so here you go:

Ready for the Great Pumpkin.

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Sep 25, 2015

Anna at "What We Saw" Book Release

Anna went to Aaron Hartzler's release for his new book, What We Saw.

With @aaronh007 celebrating the release of What We Saw.

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